Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Teaching Fair is a cluster of projects that advance our core value that education in a democracy must be representative, inclusive, and accurate. Taking an inclusive rather than exclusive approach to the problem of educating for a 21st century world of diversity, Teaching Fair provides teachers with resources to provide a fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful education through lesson plans, workshops, and conferences that begin with the challenge of teaching LGBTQ and disability histories in public schools.

The lesson plan presented here is an example of the kinds of history, social science lessons TSEI is designing in collaboration with teachers, university faculty, and community groups to meet Common Core State Standards and The FAIR Education Act. To gain access to other lesson plans, please complete the membership application and consider making a small donation to our foundation to help fund future development of Teaching FAIR curriculum.

Sample Lesson Plan: Civil Rights

Additional Lesson Plans

NOTE: Resources in other subject areas are in development.

César Chávez and His Impact: The Convergence of Histories
Two Voices: Native Americans and Padres and their Views of the Other


Humanism and the Emergence of New Identities: Renaissance






 Immigration Exclusion in the 19th/20th C.









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